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S.T.A.R.’S Face & Skin Rejuvenation System


S.T.A.R.’s Rejuvenation

Cupping Face

The benefits of this treatment are increased blood circulation to head and neck; absorption of nutrients and facial products to the skin; drainage of stagnant fluids; reduced puffiness and edema; reduced appearance and prevention of facial lines and wrinkles.  Includes steam, exfoliation, head, neck & shoulder massage, and a deep cleansing mask along with the facial cupping treatment.

100.00 per Treatment


$510.00 for a package of 6


$90.00 Saving when buying packages


S.T.A.R.’s RF Face Rejuvenation

The technology was developed by plastic surgeons, researchers and scientists to treat patients who are unable to undergo surgical procedures, while still affording them surprising results. Using a cold red light laser combined with high levels of radio frequency, the fourth and deepest layer of the skin is transformed at a cellular level, from the inside out. It promotes skin cell growth, restructures the skin and reverses the aging process. This treatment increases collagen production, oxygenation and circulation. It creates a more youthful appearance, turning back time, and giving you glowing smooth, beautiful and tight skin! The treatment is quick and painless, with no down time.


125.00 per Treatment


$635.00 for a package of 6

$115.00 saving when buying packages

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