Abrams Method of FLEX-ology

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Cheri Abrams has been a license Massage Therapist for 25 years in the state of Florida. She got her start in her twenties as a martial artist and competitor. She received her black belt in Ninjitsu and Kung Fu. In order to achieve her black belt in Kung Fu, she had to learn Medical Cupping and the Japanese form of body treatment called Shiatsu. Cheri decided to further her education and went to massage school and became a certified Massage Therapist. After school, she continued her education by traveling to New York and Chicago to train under Ohashi in the art of Shiatsu and other teachers in different cupping techquies. Along the way Cheri also trained in Thai Massage and Advance stretching under a top trainer/educator, Rod Stuart. YES! that is his real name. To this day, Cheri continue to educate herself to better help her clients.


Thorough the years of training and understanding how and what the body needs to improve flexibility and strength, and working on other sport minded clients to help them improve their game, Cheri developed a system called, Abrams Method of FLEX-ology. This system works to improve muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia strength and flexibility, as well as working deep into the body’s structure, realignment and posture. There are three different levels of Abrams Method of FLEX-ology.


Mat Class - This class focuses on breath and stretches that will improve flexibility and strength in the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. The client will learn flexibility technique that they can take with them to do before and after their sporting or training events or for chronic stiff areas. This class is not just for sport minded client, it is also great for anybody trying to improve their overall health and flexibility.


$16.50 for single session / $150.00 for 10 session


Sport FLEX-ology treatment - This is 30 minute one on one treatment where Cheri has the client on a special table and works deeper into the body’s structures to get quicker result. This treatment is good anytime, but especially before or after a sporting or training event...or even after a hard day at work! $60.00 single treatment


FLEX-ology Treatment - This is a hour long treatment where Cheri take the clients through a series of deep but safe stretches, traction’s and acupressure work for even a deeper treatment then Sport FLEX-ology. This treatment works wonders on chronic back pain.  $100.00 for single treatment


Note: The hour long Abrams Method of Flex-ology should not be done 24 to 48 hours before a big sporting events. Allow 24 to 48 hour for the body to recoup.



Mat Class - Single session $16.50 / 10 Session $150.00

Sport FLEX-ology - Single session $60.00 / 6 Session $316.00

FLEX-ology Treatment - Single treatment $100.00 / 6 Session $510.00

Packages for Treatments


30 Minute Package 0f 6-Treatments

SAVE $54.00 when you purchase a package of six, 30 minute treatments.


This Package lets you choose S.T.A.R. Massage, S.T.A.R. Cupping Treatment and FLEX-ology.

Package Price - $316.00


60 Minute Package of 6 Treatments


SAVE $90.00 when you purchase a package of six, 60 minute treatments.


This Package lets you choose from S.T.A.R. Massage, S.T.A.R. Cupping, STAR Signature Treatment, FLEX-ology or mix it up!

Package Price - $510.00

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