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Abrams Method

Cheri Abrams has been a license Massage Therapist for 25 years in the state of Florida. She got her start in her twenties as a martial artist and competitor. She received her black belt in Ninjitsu and Kung Fu. In order to achieve her black belt in Kung Fu, she had to learn Medical Cupping and the Japanese form of body treatment called Shiatsu. Cheri decided to further her education and went to massage school and became a certified Massage Therapist. After school, she continued her education by traveling to New York and Chicago to train under Ohashi in the art of Shiatsu and other teachers in different cupping techquies. Along the way Cheri also trained in Thai Massage and Advance stretching under a top trainer/educator, Rod Stuart. YES! that is his real name. To this day, Cheri continue to educate herself to better help her clients

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